Meet our Beautiful Collies

Brookwoods Collie Sires

This is Lincoln. He has been the sire of  some  very playful, cute puppies.  Lincoln is a non-carrier for PRA-prcd2 & CN. He is also normal for CEA and MDR1, and LOW RISK   for   DMS.

Tucker has a gentle personality and is  thrilled to help herd cattle! His puppies have very nice heads. He  is a non-carrier for CEA, PRA - pred2 & CN. Tucker  is also normal for DM & MDR1  and is  at   LOW RISK for DMS.

Brookwoods Collie Dams

Carry is a beautiful, robust dark sable! Her puppies are loved by breeders as far away as Finland and California and as close as Brookwood! Carry is normal eyed and is a non-carrier for MDR1 and DM.

Ellie is a dear! She runs with a beautiful, springing step! She is a super fabulous mother! Ellie is normal for CEA, MDR1,  and DM.

Loverly could not have a more fitting name, she is so sweet! Loverly revels in  being a house dog! She is a non-carrier for CEA and is normal for MDR1 and DM.

Lilac, our first home-bred girl! She is Mom's special friend and loves to be near mom and help mom with her work! Lilac is a daughter of our 2 favorite Collies, Lincoln and Nellie! She is a non-carrier for CEA and MDR1 and is also normal for DM.


Forsythia was also born at Brookwood! She is the lovely sable merle daughter of my good girl Carry and a Blue merle, "Van-M Woad is Me". She is normal for CEA & DM and is a MDR1 non-carrier.


"Brookwood Come Up and See My Etchings" is  a friendly blue merle female who enjoys the free lifestyle of Collie farm life. She likes to ride along in the pickup to check crops or to  ride  along on an errand.  Etching is normal for CEA, MDR1, DM, and CN. She is also a non-carrier for PRA-prcd2 and at LOW RISK for DMS.