Meet our Beautiful Collies

Brookwoods Collie Sires

This is Lincoln. He has been the sire of  some  very playful, cute puppies.  Lincoln is a non-carrier for PRA-prcd2 & CN. He is also normal for CEA and MDR1, and LOW RISK   for   DMS.

Tucker has a gentle personality and is  thrilled to help herd cattle! His puppies have very nice heads. He  is a non-carrier for CEA, PRA - pred2 & CN. Tucker  is also normal for DM & MDR1  and is  at   LOW RISK for DMS.

Brookwoods Collie Dams

Carry is a beautiful, robust dark sable! Her puppies are loved by breeders as far away as Finland and California and as close as Brookwood! Carry is normal eyed and is a non-carrier for MDR1 and DM.


Ellie is a dear! She runs with a beautiful, springing step! She is a super fabulous mother! Ellie is normal for CEA, MDR1,  and DM.

Loverly could not have a more fitting name, she is so sweet! Loverly revels in  being a house dog! She is a non-carrier for CEA and is normal for MDR1 and DM.


Lilac, our first home-bred girl! She is Mom's special friend and loves to be near mom and help mom with her work! Lilac is a daughter of our 2 favorite Collies, Lincoln and Nellie! She is a non-carrier for CEA and MDR1 and is also normal for DM.


Forsythia was also born at Brookwood! She is the lovely sable merle daughter of my good girl Carry and a Blue merle, "Van-M Woad is Me". She is normal for CEA & DM and is a MDR1 non-carrier.