... to Brookwood Collies!


We have made a difficult decision, but maybe it is one that could bless you! We have decided to offer Lincoln for a special companion for someone! Our whole family loves Lincoln so much, he is so gentle with everyone, especially the children. If it would be possible, we would love Lincoln here his whole life, but we have a young tri-colored boy who will take Lincoln`s place as a stud dog this coming spring. Lincoln is just 2.5 years old, he is healthy and strong, and was never sick one day in his life. Lincoln is house-broken and very well mannered. Not to mention the fact that Lincoln is exceedingly beautiful! He is normal for both CEA, PRA, and MDR1. Lincoln is very loving, but very playful too! He is so much fun! We are offering him for $3,000 as a good pet without registration. If you want full registration for Lincoln, contact us about the price.