Brookwood Collies` Puppy Health & Purchase Information

Health info

All of our Collies have excellent, loving temperaments! They are bred to produce puppies that correctly portray the Collie Standard and have excellent Health Test scores. Our puppies are well socialized with us and our children, this impacts their temperament positively for the rest of their life! Also, local handicapped children often stop in to hold puppies; it helps them to be on a positive mental note as well as giving them variety in their day! Our Collies are kept up to date on all shots and dewormers and our vet comes out twice a year to give each one a thorough physical examination. Our puppy facilities regularly pass impromptu inspections by the State, AKC,  and the USDA. Brookwood Collies also contributes to a Veterinary Research University that conducts studies on puppies for the betterment of dogs and puppies everywhere.
We like when interested parties are able to come and visit our farm and make the pick of their special companion in person! However,if coming for a visit is totally out of the question for you, we are licensed to fly a puppy into your nearest airport. Shipping cost within the United States is $650 for 1 puppy under the age of 10 weeks.
It is our pleasure to offer the most help and training support that we can as you begin the new phase of life with your Collie! You may always feel free to call or e-mail us with questions.
Our puppies are usually priced around the age of seven weeks, after we have watched them grow and develop their personalities for a while. Puppy prices vary. We price puppies according to the potential we see in them.
For us to hold a puppy for you we ask that a deposit be made by credit card. Deposit price depends on the price of your puppy. We usually ask a 50% deposit on puppies priced under $1,000. And a $1,000 deposit to hold a puppy priced over $2,000. Please Note:

All Deposits are non-refundable!

If we do not have the puppy you are looking for, you may place a $200 deposit on a coming litter. Once the puppy is born and you decide which one you want, you will be expected to put down the rest of the deposit balance.
If you purchase a puppy before it is eight weeks old, but are unable to take it home at the age of eight weeks, we are happy to board it for you, but will begin to charge a boarding fee of $15 per day beginning at the age of nine weeks and due in advance of each two week period. Also, your deposit amount will be 50% regardless of the puppy`s price if we need to board your puppy. If your puppy is nine weeks old or older at the time of your deposit, we begin to charge board one week after you put your deposit on the puppy.
Here are some tips for when you come to take you puppy home:
- Bring payment by either cash or credit card.
- Bring a puppy crate with a towel inside along for your puppy to ride safely in. 28" crates work for puppies up to 12 weeks old. Pups 12 -16 weeks old need a 36" crate. We have crates available for purchase.
- We require that you buy the first bag of dog food for you puppy from us. We feed Plantation dog food, and heartily believe in its nutritional value. You can buy a 30 pound bag from us for $35 or a 50 pound bag from us for $46. Having the same food to eat will help to ease the adjustment into their new home. The food will smell the same and not cause digestive trouble from a food change.
- Have a 12" collar along for a puppy up to 12 weeks old, you may ask what size to have along for a puppy older than 12 weeks. Also, have a leash along in case your puppy needs to go for a walk when you are partway home!
Here is a list of what will be in the packet of papers you receive:
— Puppy Guarantee of Complete Health
- The registration application for your puppy
- A fresh health certificate that includes a list of the shots and dewormers you pup has had
- Certificates of any Health tests we have done

-A five generation pedigree

Download Puppy Health Statement here.