... to Brookwood Collies!


Brookwood Collies is a farm family working together to  breed Collies who are both healthy and structurally sound. 

Collies are such a comforting presence to have at your side. This is why so many of our Collie puppies go to homes where they are trained to be therapy dogs or to homes where they will be a gentle companion for small children or an elderly person. Parents of handicapped children have also made the wise choice of getting a Collie to be always at their child`s side, stimulating their minds and giving them constant attention and protection.

Our Collies are raised on our farm in a healthy  environment. Many of our dogs grow up to be  therapy dogs for children and adults with special needs.

We are located in the rolling hills of Danville, Central PA.  You are welcome to set an appointment to visit us and our Collies!

Our Collies are intelligent, fun-loving pets who enter right into what we are doing! They spend lots of time running free on our family farm. They play enthusiastic games together in our back yard! At chore time, all the Collies are eager to do what they can to be helpful! They love to be near us while we work at our chores of milking and caring for the dairy cows. The Collies love to be involved in herding cows to pasture or to the barn.